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Rosecrance Quad Cities

Rosecrance Quad Cities partnered with Petry Design for a digital overhaul aimed at streamlining their online outreach and enhancing the accessibility of their vital services. Recognizing the sensitive and critical nature of Rosecrance’s mission in mental health and substance abuse treatment, our team was committed to creating a website that was not only visually compelling but also user-friendly and informative. Through a custom website design process, we focused on building a digital environment that fostered a sense of hope and support, utilizing calming color schemes, intuitive navigation, and responsive design to ensure accessibility across all devices. This thoughtful design approach aimed to make it easier for visitors to find the help they need, reflecting Rosecrance’s dedication to providing care and support to their community.

On the development front, Petry Design engineered a bespoke website with advanced functionalities tailored to Rosecrance’s operational needs and the communities they serve. This included the integration of secure contact forms, resource libraries, and an easy-to-navigate services directory, all designed to improve the user journey and facilitate immediate access to essential services. Additionally, by offering in-house dedicated website hosting, we ensured that Rosecrance’s digital platform remains reliable, fast, and secure, providing a stable foundation for their online presence. This holistic approach to digital marketing and web development exemplifies Petry Design’s commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations, supporting Rosecrance Quad Cities in their mission to help individuals lead healthier, more productive lives.

Services Provided

We continue to provide the following services for Rosecrance Quad Cities

Website Design

Our website design services are focused on creating modern, visually appealing and engaging websites and we work closely with our clients to understand their brand and design preferences in order to create a custom website design that is tailored to their unique needs.

Website Development

Our website development services include expertise in a wide range of web technologies and platforms, ensuring that clients' websites are optimized for the latest trends and best practices in programming and development.

Website Hosting

Our in-house dedicated website hosting service provides businesses with a reliable and secure hosting environment for their website, regular backups, security updates, and superior support.

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