Google Workspace Integration & Email


An email address says a lot about you and how you run your business. Free and public email accounts through Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and AOL are fine for personal use, but they are far from effective in terms of creating a professional image for you and your organization. We know this to be true.

Having your own dot-com with its own independent email conveys the message that your business is stable and it’s not just some temporary start-up or fly-by-night company. So unless your business specializes in selling knock-off designer handbags from the back of a conversion van behind a dumpster at the grocery store, you really should give strong consideration to changing your email address to a professional one that offers added credibility.

Plus, it’s essential for comprehensive identity building… and did we mention our web servers provide space for 20mb e-mail attachment upload and download, REGARDLESS of how many messages you have saved? Try finding that with free or public email accounts.

Google Workspace is a service that provides independently customizable versions of a variety of Google products. Additionally, your emails can be viewed with Microsoft Outlook (or other e-mail management software), with which you can create full custom email signatures and store emails on your computer instead of on a public website where millions of other email accounts have stored data. On top of that, your email can be forwarded to your smart phone, so you can check it when you’re on the go.