Social Media Integration


“The Broad Reach of Social Technologies.” Forrester Research, Inc.

When we design and program websites, we always insist on integrating social media channels. Why you ask? Because it’s becoming a central component to how search engines rank your website. Sharing of web content is going to be driving SEO in the upcoming months and years. This isn’t merely speculation. But that’s not the most well-understood reason for integrating social media within your website. The obvious reason to integrate it is to for the exposure, viral sharing of information and promotion of your business where your target market frequents.

Regardless of your target market’s age or other demographics, that market is undoubtedly using social media on a regular basis. Before you question that statement or if you’re consciously making an effort to avoid using it, consider this fact: People of all ages are relying on social media to communicate more and more every day.

According to Forrester Research, a leading analytics company that studies traffic and growth online found that:

1. Americans Between The Ages 35 To 55 Are Becoming More Active In Social Networking.
2. 90% Of 18-34 Year-Olds Use Social Media Regularly, Which Can Be Assumed
3. The 35 To 55 Year Age Group Grew An Incredible 60% In Participation In 2010.
4. And 70% Of Those 55+ In Years Who Use A Computer? They Are Active In Social Media As Well.

Your market is online and they are using social media.

Some of our clients’ social media channels reach thousands of hits per week on their networking profiles, many of which make that conversion to click-throughs to their website. That’s huge. The best advertising is positive word-of-mouth from everyday people they know. We know this. Word of mouth is powerful. Social networking helps delivers that.

Why do you think we have the social sharing links under this sentence? It works!

Not only can we integrate social media on your website - we can handle it for you!

Our social media expert can take the headache out of keeping your social media content and deliverables fresh and current. So if you don’t have the time, we’ve got the time for you.