Forum Systems


Ideal for SEO, online website forums are becoming more and more popular for clients seeking to boost web traffic. When implemented effectively, potential clients will seek more information or answers to their problems. With the Q&A format of online forums, site visitors typically find related content to their questions on website forums.

Forums don’t just drive traffic, they allow our clients the ability to offer educational information to their customers which expands perceived credibility, increase the likelihood of repeat visitors when users are registered to post and view content and most of all, build relationships with site visitors and aim to convert visitors to qualified leads.

Depending on the industry or nature of your organization, forum systems may or may not be a tool that is necessary. But for varying types of businesses, and especially associations and information-based servicing companies, forums work exceptionally well at almost guaranteeing return visitors to your site. That speaks volumes in terms of promoting your website.

Not only can forums promote your site, but it can promote your business. If people go to your site seeking solid advice and solutions from multiple experts in the field who are members of your forum, that will undoubtedly reinforce the perception that your site is a viable knowledge source. Establishing your organization as an authority figure in your market or industry is one of the ultimate goals of marketing and advertising companies. Having an active forum system can help your organization achieve that goal, while simultaneously bypassing the traditional and often costly schemes that used to be required to achieve that outcome.

Not only can Petry Design provide full custom forum systems functionality for your website, but we also provide the initial training to you as a client… FREE of charge when you have us design, program and host that site function. It’s a win/win.