E-Newsletter Systems

Many of our clients use separate paid memberships to send out periodic email-based marketing newsletters. One of the most common and popular systems is Constant Contact. While such independently managed newsletter systems work very well, we at Petry Design can provide comparably customizeable newsletter systems integrated into our websites. If you use third-party e-marketing systems, pay attention to what we are about to say…

There are many advantages to having our e-newsletter system. For starters, you can stop paying all that extra money per month. Since our email marketing programs are built into the websites, it means they are database-driven and operate on the same database as your website. This translates to no additional monthly cost when hosting with Petry Design.

With our e-newsletter programs, we provide subscribe/signup modules built into your website, which creates for your potential customers the most convenient point-and-click means of subscribing to your e-newsletter campaigns. The information they enter is stored on the database and automatically populated into whichever category of recipients of your choosing. This eliminates the need to manually update your list of subscribers.

Our e-newsletter mailings are highly customizeable. Because they are HTML-based and template-driven, you simply log into the website’s administrator panel and start typing. You can have us custom-design your templates for you to match your website’s branding and web strategy.