Website Development Process

Creating a new website with Petry Design is not just about building an online presence—it’s about crafting a digital gateway that aligns perfectly with your brand’s identity and business goals. Our comprehensive, step-by-step process ensures that each project is managed with the utmost professionalism and tailored care, from initial concept to final launch. With Petry Design, you gain a dedicated team committed to delivering a website that not only looks great but also performs excellently across all platforms.

Our website development process, designed to keep you informed and engaged at every step:

STEP 1: Project Initiation

Welcome to Petry Design! When you choose to work with us, you’ll be greeted by your dedicated Project Manager, who will be your primary point of contact throughout the website development journey. Immediately after project acceptance, our team sets up the required hosting environment and begins preparing the backend infrastructure that will support your new website, ensuring that all technical foundations are solid and scalable.

STEP 2: Information Gathering

Understanding Your Vision We dive deep into the essentials that define your brand:

  • Branding Information: We’ll need your company taglines, mission statements, and any branding guidelines to ensure the website reflects your corporate identity.
  • Logo: Please provide a high-resolution vector file of your logo (.EPS or .PDF preferred) to ensure quality reproduction on all devices.
  • Domain Name: Understanding where your current domain is registered is crucial as it helps us transition smoothly to the new site.
  • Website Colors and Inspiration: Colors often follow your logo’s palette, but we’re open to any additional preferences you might have. Sharing 3-5 websites you admire can also guide our design.
  • Content Structure: Let us know the titles and structure of the pages you envision, including any special features you want on the homepage.
  • Social Media and Multimedia: Links to your social media and any specific photos or graphics you want included should be sent to us, ideally through a shared drive we set up for collaborative purposes.

STEP 3: Design Phase

Creating a Visual Identity Once we have all the necessary information:

  • Homepage Mockup: Our design team will create a preliminary mockup of the homepage, incorporating your feedback and our design expertise.
  • Review and Approval: You will have the opportunity to review the mockup and suggest any adjustments. Once approved, we proceed with the full site design.

STEP 4: Development & Enhancements

Bringing the Design to Life After the design approval:

  • Site Development: Our developers begin programming the approved designs, turning them into a functional website.
  • Demo and Testing: We’ll provide you with a demo link to view and interact with your site, ensuring everything functions as expected and making any necessary programming enhancements.

STEP 5: Final Adjustments & Launch

Almost There!

  • Catch-all Information Gathering: If there are any last-minute additions or changes, this is the time to communicate them.
  • Launch: Once everything is polished and tested, we’ll officially launch your new website, making sure it’s optimized for all devices and platforms.

STEP 6: Post-Launch Support

Continued Partnership for Success Our commitment to your success extends beyond the launch. We offer ongoing support for any site adjustments and are ready to assist with any queries. Additionally, as part of our post-launch services, we provide robust website hosting solutions to ensure your site remains secure, fast, and reliably online. Our hosting services include regular updates and backups, security monitoring, and performance checks to keep your website in top condition.