LAUNCHED! Rusco Manufacturing Redesign

Rusco Manufacturing Inc. has been a client of ours for years. With the evolutionary changes in search engine optimization techniques and new methods Google is implementing with regard to ranking websites, we insisted on updating their strategy.

Previously, Rusco had a flash-based website. While flash enhances the “pop factor” of website design, they are generally horrible with regard to SEO, website rankings, and of course, the inability to be viewed on Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad. We developed an entirely new web platform that is compatible with all web browsers and mobile devices.

Best of all, we didn’t sacrifice anything with how well the website looks and interacts and with the site visitor. Having a platform such as this has blown the hinges off the door to SEO for Rusco Manufacturing and the flexibility of the system accommodates built-in newsletter capability and online forums if they so choose to enable those features in the future.